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Wimpy's Poem for the Sea Hag
by E. C. Segar

We slew our foes,
  My sweetheart and me
And streams of Corpuscles
  Flowed to the sea

All over the walls and on the floor
Were buckets and buckets and buckets of Gore

We stepped on their necks,
  On those slippery decks,
As my sweety and me went aft.
  And amid all this,
  She gave me a kiss,
And amid all this we laughed!

For she was the Hag of the Seven Seas,
  And I was her understudy,
And never a tremor ran through her knees,
  Though decks were befouled and ruddy.

In the depth of her eyes
  Was the Blue of the Skies
As well as the shadows of night.
  And I'll sing her love's song
E'en though she's all wrong
  For I, too, am not in the right.


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