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(Mostly) BDSM Acronyms

taken from Frites, Arlene Rinaldi, Big Al, and others


These acronyms were compiled from I thank the authors.

  !=   Not equal to     (Frites)
  <g>   grin (or <G> big grin, vars. incl <VEG> Very Evil Grin)     (Frites)
  :-)   A "smiley" face (sideways); there are lots of variations     (Frites)
  AAMOF   As a Matter of Fact     (Frites)
  ABP*   alt.binaries.pictures.*     (Frites)
  ABPE*   Alt.Binaries.Pictures.Erotica.* (.bondage, .leather, etc.)     (Frites)
  ADD   Attention Defecit Disorder     (Frites)
  AFAIK/AFIK   As Far as I Know     (Frites)
  AKA   Also Known As     (Frites)
  APB   alt.personals.bondage     (Frites)
  ASAP   As Soon As Possible     (Frites)
  ASB   usually: alt.sex.bondage, sometimes: alt.sex.bestiality     (Frites)
  ASB   1) Shorthand for alt.sex.bondage. 2) a keyphrase that indicates you're writing an actual bondage article, instead of just some spam.     (Big Al)
  ASF*   alt.sex.fetish.*     (Frites)
  ASFD   alt.sex.femdom/ alt.sex.fetish.diapers     (Frites)
  ASS   alt.sex.spanking/stories/services (context!)     (Frites)
  AUP   Acceptable Use Policy     (Frites)
  B&D   Bondage and Discipline     (Frites)
  BBS   Bulletin Board System     (Frites)
  BDSM   A catchall phrase made up of B&D (Bondage and Discipline) D&S (Dominance and Submission) and S&M (Sadism and Masochism). It describes alternate sexuality in general, except bestiality and orientation variations. Oftentimes there is some blurring of the lines among the three types, fetish play, etc., so BDSM makes a useful term.     (Big Al)
  BDSMLMNOP   BDSM and whatever else we might do     (Frites)
  BFN   bye for now     (Harry Yeatts)
  BTDT   Been There, Done That     (Frites)
  BTSOOM   beats the [stuffing] out of me     (Harry Yeatts)
  BTW   By The Way
  CB or C+B   Cock & Ball     (Frites)
  CBT   Cock & Ball Torture     (Frites)
  CD   Cross Dresser     (Frites)
  CHUDWAH   (From CHDW) a Clueless Het-Dom Wannabe. Chudwahs don't get a whole lot of respect. They often send wannafucks *. (As I recall, The Horseman also came up with this term.)     (Big Al)
  CHUSWAH   Clueless Heterosexual Sub WAnnabe     (Frites)
  CIS   "Complete Irrevocable Submission."
  CNC   Consensual Non-Consent     (Frites)
  CP   Corporal Punishment     (Frites)
  CTS   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     (Frites)
  CUA   commonly used acronym(s) OR common user access     (Harry Yeatts)
  D&S or D/s   Domination & Submission     (Frites)
  DKF   Dreaded Koosh Flogger     (Frites)
  DOYC #   Deity Of Your Choice     (Frites)
  F2F   Face to Face     (Frites)
  FAQ   Frequently Asked Question(s)
  FTR   For The Record     (Frites)
  FU   [fouled] up     (Harry Yeatts)
  FUBAR   [fouled] up beyond all recognition     (Harry Yeatts)
  FUD   (spreading) fear, uncertainty, and disinformation     (Harry Yeatts)
  FWIW   For What It's Worth
  FYI   For Your Information
  GR&D   grinning, running, & ducking     (Harry Yeatts)
  GS   Golden Shower     (Frites)
  HAND   Have A Nice Day     (Frites)
  HNG   Horny Net Geek. Often sends wannafucks *.     (Big Al)
  HTH   Hope This Helps
  HWSNBN   He Who Should Not Be Named     (Frites)
  IAE   in any event     (Harry Yeatts)
  IANAL   I am not a lawyer (also IANAxxx, such as IANACPA)     (Harry Yeatts)
  IAP   Internet Access Provider (normally ISP)     (Frites)
  IIRC   If I Recall Correctly     (Frites)
  IM   Instant Message (AOL version of /msg)     (Frites)
  IMAO   In My Arrogant Opinion     (Frites)
  IMCO   in my considered opinion     (Harry Yeatts)
  IME   In My Experience     (Frites)
  IMHO   In My Humble Opinion
  IMHOWRT   In My Humble (Or Honest) Opinion With Respect To
  IMNSHO   In My Not So Humble Opinion
  IMO   In My Opinion
  IMX   In My eXperience (perferred form: IME)     (Frites)
  IOW   In Other Words     (Harry Yeatts)
  IRC   Internet Relay Chat     (Frites)
  IRT   In Reply To, In Regards To     (Frites)
  ISO   In Search Of     (Frites)
  ISP   Internet Service Provider     (Frites)
  ITMT   In The Mean Time     (Frites)
  LLD   Leather Lifestyle Dork(s)     (Frites)
  LOL   Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Luck
  LTR   Long Term Relationship     (Frites)
  MHOTY   my hat's off to you     (Harry Yeatts)
  MOTAS/OS/SS   Member of the Appropriate Sex/ Opposite Sex/ Same sex     (Frites)
  MPD   Multiple Personality Disorder     (Frites)
  mung   Mash Until No Good     (Frites)
  NC   Non-Consensual     (Frites)
  NFW   no [bleeping] way     (Harry Yeatts)
  NG   News Group     (Frites)
  NL   New Leather     (Frites)
  NLA   National Leather Association     (Frites)
  NP   No Problem     (Frites)
  NRN   no reply necessary     (Harry Yeatts)
  Ob(BDSM, DS, etc.)   It once was traditional throughout most of usenet that when you posted something off topic to a certain group you added an Ob(whatever the topic is) to the end of the post so your readers didn't think it was a complete waste of time. This isn't absolutely Obligatory anymore (incidentally, that's where the term comes from), but you still see it, and are encouraged to use it should you choose.     (Big Al)
  ObBDSM   Obligatory BDSM (used to add topic to an off-topic post)     (Frites)
  OGL   Old Guard Leather     (Frites)
  OIC   oh, I see!     (Harry Yeatts)
  OOTB   out of the box (brand new)     (Harry Yeatts)
  OT   Off Topic     (Frites)
  OTOH   On The Other Hand
  OTTH   on the third hand     (Harry Yeatts)
  OTW   One True Way     (Frites)
  P&M   Posted & Mailed     (Frites)
  PDA   Public Displays of Affection     (Frites)
  PISS   Passive Ignorance Silence Strike     (Frites)
  PITA   Pain In the ...
  PMFJI   pardon me for jumping in     (Harry Yeatts)
  PTSS   Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome     (Frites)
  RL   Real Life (as opposed to net.life)     (Frites)
  ROFL   Rolling On the Floor Laughing     (Frites)
  ROTFL   roll(ing) on the floor laughing (also, ROF,L, ROFL)     (Harry Yeatts)
  RSN   real soon now (which may be a long time coming)     (Harry Yeatts)
  RT   Real-Time/Rise Time/Radiation Therapy/RighT (direction)     (Frites)
  RTFM   Read the F'ing Manual     (Frites)
  RTFM   read the [fine] manual (or message)     (Harry Yeatts)
  SAM   Smart-Ass Masochist / Stand And Model     (Frites)
  SITD   still in the dark     (Harry Yeatts)
  SM or S&M   Sadism & Masochism; sadomasochism; Sexual Magick     (Frites)
  SNAFU   situation normal, all [fouled] up     (Harry Yeatts)
  SO   Significant Other     (Frites)
  SQO   Some Quantity Of     (Frites)
  SSB/SSBB   Soc.Subculture.Bondage-BDSM (I prefer just SSB, myself)     (Frites)
  SSC   Safe, Sane, Consensual     (Frites)
  SSS   Soc.Sexuality.Spanking     (Frites)
  STD/STI   Sexually Transmitted Disease / .. Infection     (Frites)
  TANSTAAFL   there ain't no such thing as a free lunch     (Harry Yeatts)
  TES   The Eulenspiegel Society     (Frites)
  TFTB   Topping From The Bottom     (Frites)
  TG @   TransGendered     (Frites)
  TIA   Thanks In Advance
  TIC   tongue in cheek     (Harry Yeatts)
  TLA   Three Letter Acronym
  TOS   Terms of Service     (Frites)
  TPE   For Total (or True) Power Exchange. A form of D&S (or, depending on who you ask, the only form of D&S) where the submissive gives up all power to the dominant. Also a BBS in Washington, DC (only that's The Power Exchange).     (Big Al)
  TPTB   The Powers That Be     (Frites)
  TS @   TransSexual     (Frites)
  TTFN   ta ta for now     (Harry Yeatts)
  TTYL   talk to you later     (Harry Yeatts)
  TV   also stands for TransVestite     (Frites)
  TYVM   thank you very much     (Harry Yeatts)
  V/A   Verbal Abuse     (Frites)
  VBG   Very Big Grin     (Frites)
  Wannafuck   An unsolicited sexually graphic piece of email. Posters who self-identify as female often get these. Posters who self-identify as male get them too, but less often. This is sometimes depressing for the males.         (Big Al)
  W4W   (WP4W, etc.; all the various products, such as...)     (Harry Yeatts)
  Wiitwd   What It Is That We Do. Credit goes to Bill Borher (who by now will have changed his name several times) I believe for this one.     (Big Al)
  Wiitwd(h)   What it is that we do (here)     (Frites)
  WRT   With Respect To     (Frites)
  WYSIWYG   what you see is what you get     (Harry Yeatts)
  YKINMK   Your Kink Is Not My Kink     (Frites)
  YKINOK   Your Kink Is Not Okay     (Frites)
  YKIOK,IJNMK   Your Kink is OK, It's Just Not My Kink     (Frites)
  YMMV   Your Mileage may vary. Or, Yaks Make More Volkswagons, depending on your mood.     (Big Al)