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Contract for Discipline for switchable couples

The Switching Network

NOTE: Slavery contracts are not legally binding.

This contract provides a framework for consentual SMBD play. By defining the boundaries of what is and is not to be included in the couples sex play, overall satisfaction of both partners will be increased. Additional provisions under this contract may be added in the Contract Addendum. Two additional forms are used in conjunction with this contract: The Rules, and The List as described below.

General Agreement
Each partner will complete the rules form. In it they will describe all their partner's annoying or bothersome behaviors referred to as offenses - (For example leaving hair in the sink). Each of these offenses has a prescribed amount of punishment to be administered to the offender by the offendee during a periodic (weekly) play session. The partners must agree to hold one or two sessions in each play cycle. In a single session only one partner assumes the dominant role and dispenses punishment as prescribed by the itemized list. A double session is split with roles reversed at an agreed upon time or point in the play.

Other considerations:
The session must be held at least once a week or every ______________.
A refusal to submit at the appointed time will result in an additional six (how traditional) strokes for the refusor. If a dispute arises over an offense, it will be negotiated between the couple or an arbitrator may be appointed in the Addendum.

The Rules
The attachment 'The Rules' is a list of offenses and the agreed upon punishment for each offense. Each offense will have a minimum and maximum number of strokes and a force level associated with it. The implement used and the actual number of strokes delivered in the punishment is at the discretion of the spanker. Both partners will write and maintain their own Rules list that clearly specifies what is expected of the other partner. An items on the list must be accepted by the other partner before it becomes active. Acceptance is indicated by initialing and dating the item.

The List
(The Offenses & Punishment List)
As each infraction of the Rules occurs, an entry is made on this form by the owner of the rule. The form may be used in formal review 'in the office' to set up the session or during the session as each item is meted out.

The undersigned agree to abide by all the above specified terms for a period of ___________.

_________________________ Date:________________

_________________________ Date:________________

(to be added later)



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