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Ambrosio's Award for Applying for an Award for a BDSM Site

The Award Image: Ambrosio's Award for Applying for an Award for a BDSM Site

Would you like to promote my website? an award for your BDSM or Leather site? You can have one. It's easy! Simply follow these instructions:

  • Create a BDSM or Leather website.
  • Save the image above to your computer. (Usually you can do so by right clicking on the image and choosing "Save Picture As ...")
  • Add the following HTML code to one of your webpage pages. (Some websites insist that you display the free link to their site award in a prominant space on your site's homepage or first page. But for "Ambrosio's Award for Applying for This Award for a B**M Site" you can post the award anywhere on your site!)
  • <A HREF="http://www.EvilMonk.org/A/" TARGET="_top"><IMG src="ambrosioaward.gif" width="125" height="125" ALT="Ambrosio's Award for Applying for His Award for a BDSM Site"></A>

    Note: If you put the image into a separate image folder the code is <img src="images/ambrosioaward.gif"> where "images" is the name of the folder (sub directory) where you've placed the image.

  • Upload the image and the revised page to your website. Make sure the image and the page are in the same directory or modify the new HTML so that it points to the image. Do NOT point to the copy of the image that exists on my website. That's stealing bandwidth. Periodically I'm going to change the directory where I keep this image so it will appear broken on anyone's site who tries to steal my bandwidth. HA!
  • Let me know that you've posted my free link to my site award and where your site is via Email. That way I can include you on my list of link exchange affiliates Award Recipients when I have the time at my earliest opportunity.

That's it! Quick, easy, and painless! Best of all, your site can be a putrid mess. While fine quality websites are welcome to receive this award, I don't discriminate against inane opinions, derivative content, bad HTML, poor color choices, and noxious graphics. You will still get the free link to my site award -- unlike all the other web site awards that are available for "quality content," "attractive design," and "usability".

Ambrosio's Honor Roll of Award Recipients