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Groups In Texas

To Find Groups in the Lone Star State visit my Texas section.

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Ohio River Valley Resources

  • Ohio River Valley Resources: A list of links for the groups, munches, mailing lists, and a few of the businesses in Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and West Virginia.

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A Few TNG Groups in North America

TNG stands for "The Next Generation" and usually refers to groups for new people in the 18 to 35 age range:

And some related Teen Educational sites:

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A Very Short List of U.S. Groups Outside Texas, Arizona, and the Ohio River Valley

  • Black Rose in Washington, D.C.
  • Central Maine Alliance (CMA) is a pansexual BDSM social/educational group in central Maine, hosting munches the 2nd Saturday of each month, classes and other special events throughout the year.
  • The Lesbian Sex Mafia is one of the oldest women's support and education groups in the country. Founded in 1981, it is open to all women who have a legitimate interest in woman to woman s/m, b/d, fetishes, costumes, alternate gender identities, and so forth.
    Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM)
    Safe, consensual and confidential!
    P.O. Box 993, Murray Hill Station
    New York, NY 10156

    Subscribe to LSM's email announcement list:

  • The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom isn't really a BDSM group but we share common goals with them. The NCSF engages in national advocacy on issues related to sexual identity, expression and orientation by participating in the development of public policy and by supporting positive media presentations of diverse sexual practices. NCSF is a voluntary, not-for-profit association that offers a free membership to individuals and organizations who support the rights of adults to engage in safe, sane and consensual sexual expression.
  • National Leather Association: International
  • The Eulenspiegel Society: TES is a not-for-profit organization which promotes sexual liberation for all adults. Especially for people who enjoy consensual SM.
    P.O. Box 2783
    New York, NY 10163
    Tel: 212-388-7022
  • The Society of Janus email:
    P.O. Box 426794
    San Francisco, CA 94142
  • United LeatherFolk of Connecticut

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More Exhaustive Lists of Groups in the U.S.

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Some English Language Munches, Events, and Communities Outside the U.S.


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