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Leather Bar Hanky Code


This page is dedicated to clay of Austin.


For decades, hankies (bandanas) have been worn -- in the left or right back pocket -- at Gay leather bars and runs to signal interest or specialization in particular sexual practices. It's also been adopted by gay leather women and some heterosexuals in the BDSM scene. But I caution against investing too much in the study of hankies. In Ask Larry Larry Townsend explains:

The wearing of colors (hankies) to display one's interest has been the subject for much tongue-in-cheek advise. Several of the most widely circulated lists have resulted from a couple of guys sitting down and trying to tag every conceivable activity with the most outlandish hue imaginable. (p.60-61)

Also understand that there are multiple versions of the hanky code -- mostly determined by region. Most likely over time the symbolism will codify as one version of the code will predominate over the Internet and become the most widely accepted. (Such is the nature of our wired world.)

For you convenience --- amusement --- here is one such "Hanky Code":

Worn on LeftColorWorn on Right
Heavy S&M TopBlackHeavy S&M Bottom
Looking for Femme BottomBlack Lace HankyFemme Bottom
Bondage TopGreyBondage Bottom
Golden Shower TopYellowGolden Shower Bottom
Scat TopBrownScat Bottom
Anal Sex, TopDark BlueAnal Sex, Bottom
Wants Oral SexLight BlueExpert at Oral Sex
Dildo User, TopLight PinkDildo User, Bottom
Likes DragLavenderIn Drag
Uniform TopOlive DrabUniform Bottom
Sixty-ninerRobin's Egg BlueSixty-niner
Genital TorturerTeal BlueGenital Torturee
Breast TorturerDark PinkBreast Torturee
2-Handed FisterDark Red2-Handed Fistee
Likes Menstruating WomenMaroonIs Menstruating Woman
Likes Navel WorshipMauve Navel Worshiper
Likes Armpit WorshipMagentaArmpit Worshipper
Has 8" or MoreMustardSize Queen
2 Looking for 1Gold1 Looking for 2
Anything GoesOrangeNot Now, Thanks
Two Tons O'FunApricotChubby Chaser
Foot Fetish TopCoral Shrimper
A CowboyRustHis Horse
Dines off TricksLime GreenDinner Plate
Uncut PossessorBrown LaceLikes Uncut
Cut PossessorBrown SatinLikes Cut
Latex Fetish TopCharcoalLatex Fetish Bottom
Owns a SuitGray FlannelLikes Men in Suits
Masturbate MeWhiteWill Masturbate Both
ShaverRed/White StripesShavee
Likes Black BottomBlack/White Stripe Likes Black Top
Likes Latino BottomBrown/White Stripe Likes Latino Top
Likes Oriental BottomYellow/White Stripe Likes Oriental Top
Likes White BottomWhite LaceLikes White Top
Wears Boxer ShortsPaisleyLikes Boxer Shorts
Star F*ckerSilver LameStar
Wants Muscleman BottomGold LameWants Muscleman Top
Has TattoosLeopardLikes Tattoos
Smokes CigarsTanLikes Cigars
Rubber/Mud, TopWine Rubber/Mud, Bottom
BartenderCocktail NapkinBar Groupie
Tearoom TopDoilyTearoom Bottom
CuddlerTeddy BearCuddlee
Gives Oil MassagesHandywipeWears It Well
Rides a MotorcycleChamoisLikes Bikers
Outdoor Sex, TopMosquito NettingOutdoor Sex, Bottom
Lover's Out, My Place OKToothbrushYour Place ONLY
A biker wearing jeans with his club's emblem on the back of his black leather vest in a bar viewed from behind with hankies of a dozen different solid colors in both his back pockets.

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