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KY BDSM Chat: KUFS (Lexington, KY), the Paradox Group (Lousiville, KY), and the Louisville Munch Bunch (Lousiville, KY) have collaborated to create an IRC channel for members of the KY BDSM community to connect and chat. (Visit the "Ohio River Valley Resources" page at for more about these three groups and related resources in Kentucky and the greater Ohio River Valley.)

The chat starts every Wednesday night at 8 PM EST

There are several ways of accessing KY BDSM Chat:

For instructions for access, visit one of the following three links:

If you are a user of IRC clients such as mIRC, PIRCH, or vIRC, you can access the channel by connecting via your IRC client at: at ports 6666-6669 and 7000 and then typing /join #KYBDSM.

Using the form box below you can enter the channel using a JavaScript, without downloading or configuring a client.

Nickname :
window size : smallnormalbig

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Accessing KYBDSM IRC Through the WWW

With certain browser and IRC client program configurations the following 10 links will open the chat client to the proper server and port. (For an explanation and instructions on how to use them visit

Once you've accessed the channel, type /join #KYBDSM to access the channel.

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Common IRC Commands

The following commands are supported by Chat4all JAVA chat.

All IRC commands start with a "/"

Some of the commands below are for this chat applet only and some are more common IRC commands


To Register your nick on the server:
First, make sure you are logged in at the chat with the nickname you intend to register. Then type the following command (include the / ):

/msg nickserv register password emailaddress

Change password to what you want as password, and change emailaddress to your email address. Be sure it is a valid address. Then press enter.

If everything goes well, you will be sent an email which contains an authentication code. Enter that complete line, and your nick will be registered and usable.

To login at your registered nickname, type (include the /):

/msg nickserv identify yourpassword

Change your password to the password you chose when you registered your nickname.

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Helpful Commands

/clear Clears the chat message screen.

/nick 'new_nick_name' Changes your current nick name to a new 'nick_name'

/join '#new_channel_name' Leaves your current channel and joins a new channel.
Remember to supply "#" at the beginning of your channel name.

/quit 'optional good bye message' Leaves your current channel and disconnects from Chat4all.

/msg 'nick' 'your message' Sends a private message to a user with nick name 'nick'

/me 'message' Displays the message in action format.

/ctcp 'nick_name' 'command' CTCP command includes "version", "clientinfo", "time", "echo"

/showurl '' Pop up a new browser window with the given URL content

/list Shows a listing of all channels (chat rooms) at chat4all.

%C4 = message %C9,3 = is color %B = bold, %R = reverse, %U = underline

(Source: KUFS, Paradox, and LMB "Chat Room" pages)

(See also "IRC Commands": For a short list of IRC commands, please read "Internet Relay Chat Commands" at

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Color Codes

%C1 = Black
%C2 = DarkBlue
%C3 = DarkGreen
%C4 = Red
%C5 = Brown
%C6 = DarkPurple
%C7 = Orange
%C8 = Yellow
%C9 = LightGreen
%C10 = Blueish (something :) )
%C11 = LightBlue
%C12 = Blue
%C13 = LightPurple
%C14 = Grey
%C15 = LightGrey

(Source: KUFS, Paradox, and LMB "Chat Room" pages)

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A special way to create multiple color within a single message

Use the "%C" followed by a number to indicate a color code (equivalent to Ctrl-K in mIRC).
Use "%CX,X" to use coloured text with a coloured background.

%B equivalent to Bold (Ctrl-B) in mIRC
%R equivalent to Reverse (Ctrl-R) in mIRC
%U equivalent to Underline (Ctrl-U) in mIRC
%O equivalent to Normalized (tCrl-O) in mIRC

(Source: KUFS, Paradox, and LMB "Chat Room" pages)

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