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Sample Statement of Purpose for a BDSM Organization

This statement of purposed is based upon the original statement of purpose for SAS/M --- an inclusive pansexual social group of discreet responsible adults (age 21 and above) who practice safe, sane, and consensual BDSM. The current and official SAS/M statement of purpose can be located on the SAS/M web site at http://www.sasmtx.com/.

I. Social

We shall provide a comfortable environment where we can socialize -- free from the fear of censure or stigma -- with other like minded individuals. We will provide an opportunity for us to learn from each other and offer a safe environment for people to meet and learn about potential play partners.

II. Educational

This group plans to effectively communicate news and information about other groups, businesses, events, resources, and scene news in our region and statewide. This group plans to educate our local fetish community about safe, sane, and consensual play techniques and basic etiquette through informal socializing and formal programs.

III. Networking

This group is meant to be a catalyst for the growth of a healthy regional community with strong ties to community groups in other cities throughout the state. This group will encourage the formation of other compatible non-profit groups in our city such as an educational organization, a wymyn's group, a submissive's round table, and a TNG group --- that is a group exclussively for people 18-35 who feel more comfortable with people their own age. We will foster a network of resources for professionals, businesses, individuals, and groups.

IV. Play

Our group provides our members and friends with a safe forum to meet other members.

V. Self-Actualization

The leadership of this group will help foster self-actualization. We will provide settings where people can fulfil their potential in a BDSM context and explorer aspects of their personality that they couldn't without participating in the BDSM and Leather communities.

VI. Charity

SAS/M is a not for profit enterprise -- none of our money will go to individuals. Any discretionary income will be used for the group or given to a worth while cause such as an AIDS charity or a battered woman's shelter.