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Ms Siren and boy john's Collaring Ceremony

Posted with permission of the author.

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This is a lovely example of a Femdom/malesub collaring ceremony. It's architect, Ms. Siren, gave me permission to post here.



A chair and small table are set in a stage area. A sheep skin is placed about 2ft in front of the chair. The small table holds all of the materials (less what boy john has). Attendees are seated or standing around the stage. The only lighting is candles. Music of choice -- soft rock cable station -- is playing very low in the back ground.


Ms Siren, seated in the chair, notifies an assistant that the ceremony is to begin. The assistant goes to the dungeon and tells boy john to join Ms Siren. Boy john (completely nude, no adornments) enters the stage area and kneels before her on a sheep skin rug (placing his leash in front of him).

To Love, Honor, and Obey:

MS. SIREN: Love, honor and obey used to be a common and significant vow in marriage ceremonies. Almost everyone has no issue with love and honor, the problem comes with the word obey. Each person of the union had a high code of behavior, ethics and morals to follow and the act of obeying supported the individual's success in meeting her/his own code. As society changed the code, the desire to obey diminished to the point that it is deemed contemptible. I feel to love, honor and obey is very appropriate for the D/s relationship. But instead of the expected and obvious act of the submissive obeying the dominant, I see it as each obeying her/his calling of dominance or submission. I see it as a higher calling of behavior, ethics and morals; the integrity of domination for me and the integrity of submission for boy john. Thus, the choice of our vows.


MS. SIREN: (standing) Boy john, do you offer me your love?

BOY JOHN: Yes, Ms Siren...

MS. SIREN: Then drink of my golden nectar to express this love.

(Ms. Siren pours a small amount in the wine glass, boy john sips)

MS. SIREN: Boy john, do you honor me?

BOY JOHN: Yes Ms Siren...

MS. SIREN: Then worship my feet to express this honor.

(Boy john bends to kiss each foot 4 times and sits back up)

MS. SIREN: Boy john, will you obey your submission to me?

BOY JOHN: Yes Ms Siren...

MS. SIREN: Then accept this lash as an expression of obedience.   (Ms. Siren moves to boy john and strikes his back with a few heavy lashes.)

MS. SIREN: Boy john, do you offer me a symbol of your commitment?

BOY JOHN: Yes Ms Siren, I offer this leash....

(Ms. Siren accepts the leash and then removes the collar from the box)

MS. SIREN: This collar is a symbol of my love for you, a reminder that I honor and respect you, and a commitment to obey the responsibilities of being the dominant force in your life.  It is a visible symbol of our commitment in a D/s relationship.

(Ms. Siren locks the collar on boy john's neck, attaches the leash and kisses him.  Still kneeling, she has him turn so they are both facing the audience.  Ms. Siren thanks the attendees for supporting their celebration.)

End of ceremony.

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