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Caning Notes


Caning is the SM technique of consensually striking someone (most commonly on the buttocks) with a cane for mutual erotic pleasure. Care should be taken to observe all appropriate safety precautions. In the context of this document, the "bottom" is the person receiving the caning, and the "top" is the person issuing the caning.


To keep canes healthy, once a year one should sand the tip, stand the cane in a vase of water overnight, and then revarnish the tip.


  • Canes should be able to bend significantly.
  • One should be able to bring the cane down in a straight line.
  • The cane should have three or more coats of varnish.
  • Small diameter = sharp pain. Large diameter = thud.


  • The bottom experiences two sensations with every stroke (nerves being compressed and then expanding). Thus, the strokes shouldn't go too fast.
  • Be sure the room isn't too cold.
  • Bottom should relax muscles in butt to avoid later lactic acid buildup causing a deep ache.
  • It is difficult if not imposssible to kill any Hepatitis pathogens on canes.
  • Extra Zinc helps bruises heal.
  • Avoid striking the tailbone and the back of the knee.
  • Front of thighs can be caned.
  • The fold between the buttocks and thighs is termed the "sulcus," and can be quite painful when struck.
  • A circular "fluffing" motion can be effective for rapid "warm-up" strokes.
  • Backhanded strokes often land harder.
  • Hitting and holding delays the second stage of pain.

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