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Classes and Workshops

The most of the following are classes that I've presented at an adult boutique, BDSM organizations --- such as KUFS, NLA: Austin, and SAADE --- and conferences such as the GWNN Birthday Bash and Texas Leather Pride. The rest are in development.

  • "BDSM 101" - A relaxed introduction to Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & submission, and S/M for beginners. The emphasis is on meeting potential play partners, negotiation skills, roles & expectations, scene safety, anatomy, basic techniques, common protocol, and party manners. Includes the infamous puppet show, finger painting on anatomy eye candy demo bottoms, and prizes. Open to all genders and orientations. [In my opinion, every conference should offer at least one introductory class like a BDSM 101 so long as you have someone new to the scene in attendance.] (Last presented: 21 July 2007 at 14th Annual GWNN Bash in Austin, TX)
  • "S&M Light: Sensual Play" (2 versions)

    • "S&M Light: Sensual Play" (presentation for BDSM folks) - A class about both the eliciting of pleasurable sensations with little or no pain involved and "teasing as torture." Often sensual play is over looked and under appreciated but this class examines it's value as warming up, cooling down, and entire scenes in itself. (Last presented: Central Texas boys of Leather 2008 run)
    • "S&M Light: Sensual Play for Loving Couples" (presentation for vanilla folks) - A class specifically for vanilla couples who would like to expand their repertoire with some BDSM experimentation but open to scene folk who enjoy "light play."
  • "BDSM, The 'Net Generation: WITTWD On-line and Off" (presented with Cyne Enright at Texas Leather Pride) - Netiquette, online precautions, cyber scening vs. the real thing, eGroup pitfalls, and the basics of web design (usability, accessibility, and aesthetics.)
  • "Perverted Vocabulary: Roles and Terms" (in development) - A moderated discussion over numerous terms and titles we use and abuse in the scene and the confusion that they engender.   How do you best reply to the question "What are you?"   Is that really the right question to ask?   What's the best way to answer it?   How does one fit in?   What's the difference between top and dominant?   Can a dominant bottom to a submissive?   Who if anyone is "Old Guard?"   Is being a slave better than being a submissive?   Do you have a fetish or are you merely kinky?   What makes a real sadist?
  • "Responding to Personals: Safety Tips for Meeting Online and Off" - Some advice for meeting strangers whom you've contacted through personal ads either online or in print as well as a moderated discussion about the issue of "policing our own." (Last presented: 29 April 2003)
  • "BDSM Etiquette and Leather Protocol for Fun and Profit" (in development) - Basic and intermediate etiquette, protocol, and ethics for the BDSM and Leather community.
  • "Community Service and Scene Politics" (in development) - How to do one while surviving and avoiding the other. How to start and run a group or a munch. What is involved in throwing a party?
  • "Wonder Woman and Loving Domination" - Before the first leathermen met, before Kinsley, and before the sexual revolution, there was Wonder Woman. She was the creation of Dr. William Moulton Marston, a polyamorous psychiatrist who believed that America was headed toward a matriarchy and that little girls and boys needed a role model for female supremacy in the form of a comic book heroine. The presentation will go beyond information already available on the Internet in that it will look at Marston's theories of dominance and submission in depth and how Wonder Woman illustrated them. We'll not just ask "Is Wonder Woman kinky?" but examine "What does it mean that she's kinky and what can we learn from her?" The class requires a computer and a projector as the presentation includes lots of pretty pictures. (Presented on March 13, 2009 in Austin, TX at SAADE and July 16, 2011 in Austin, TX at the GWNN Birthday Bash XVIII)
  • "Erotic Chainsaw Play, Razor Wire Suspension Bondage, Hot Wax Enemas, and Sensual Defibrillator Play." (just kidding.)

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