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Leather Bar Hanky Code


This page is dedicated to clay of Austin.


For decades, hankies (bandanas) have been worn -- in the left or right back pocket -- at Gay leather bars and runs to signal interest or specialization in particular sexual practices. It's also been adopted by gay leather women and some heterosexuals in the BDSM scene. But I caution against investing too much in the study of hankies. In Ask Larry Larry Townsend explains:

The wearing of colors (hankies) to display one's interest has been the subject for much tongue-in-cheek advise. Several of the most widely circulated lists have resulted from a couple of guys sitting down and trying to tag every conceivable activity with the most outlandish hue imaginable. (p.60-61)

Also understand that there are multiple versions of the hanky code -- mostly determined by region. Most likely over time the symbolism will codify as one version of the code will predominate over the Internet and become the most widely accepted. (Such is the nature of our wired world.)

For you convenience and amusement, here is one such "Hanky Code":

Worn on LeftColorWorn on Right
  Heavy S&M Top     Black     Heavy S&M Bottom  
  Looking for Femme Bottom     Black Lace Hanky     Femme Bottom  
  Bondage Top     Grey     Bondage Bottom  
  Fister     Red     Fistee  
  Golden Shower Top     Yellow     Golden Shower Bottom  
  Scat Top     Brown     Scat Bottom  
  Piercer     Purple     Piercee  
  Anal Sex, Top     Dark Blue     Anal Sex, Bottom  
  Wants Oral Sex     Light Blue     Expert at Oral Sex  
  Dildo User, Top     Light Pink     Dildo User, Bottom  
  Likes Drag     Lavender     In Drag  
  Uniform Top     Olive Drab     Uniform Bottom  
  Sixty-niner     Robin's Egg Blue     Sixty-niner  
  Genital Torturer     Teal Blue     Genital Torturee  
  Breast Torturer     Dark Pink     Breast Torturee  
  2-Handed Fister     Dark Red     2-Handed Fistee  
  Likes Menstruating Women     Maroon     Is Menstruating Woman  
  Likes Navel Worship     Mauve     Navel Worshiper  
  Likes Armpit Worship     Magenta     Armpit Worshipper  
  Has 8" or More     Mustard     Size Queen  
  2 Looking for 1     Gold     1 Looking for 2  
  Anything Goes     Orange     Not Now, Thanks  
  Two Tons O'Fun     Apricot     Chubby Chaser  
  Foot Fetish Top     Coral     Shrimper  
  A Cowboy     Rust     His Horse  
  Spanker     Fuschia     Spankee  
  Dines off Tricks     Lime Green     Dinner Plate  
  Rimmer     Beige     Rimmee  
  Uncut Possessor     Brown Lace     Likes Uncut  
  Cut Possessor     Brown Satin     Likes Cut  
  Latex Fetish Top     Charcoal     Latex Fetish Bottom  
  Owns a Suit     Gray Flannel     Likes Men in Suits  
  Masturbate Me     White     Will Masturbate Both  
  Shaver     Red/White Stripes     Shavee  
  Likes Black Bottom     Black/White Stripe     Likes Black Top  
  Likes Latino Bottom     Brown/White Stripe     Likes Latino Top  
  Likes Oriental Bottom     Yellow/White Stripe     Likes Oriental Top  
  Likes White Bottom     White Lace     Likes White Top  
  Wears Boxer Shorts     Paisley     Likes Boxer Shorts  
  Star F*cker     Silver Lame     Star  
  Wants Muscleman Bottom     Gold Lame     Wants Muscleman Top  
  Has Tattoos     Leopard     Likes Tattoos  
  Smokes Cigars     Tan     Likes Cigars  
  Rubber/Mud, Top     Wine     Rubber/Mud, Bottom  
  Bartender     Cocktail Napkin     Bar Groupie  
  Tearoom Top     Doily     Tearoom Bottom  
  Cuddler     Teddy Bear     Cuddlee  
  Gives Oil Massages     Handywipe     Wears It Well  
  Rides a Motorcycle     Chamois     Likes Bikers  
  Outdoor Sex, Top     Mosquito Netting     Outdoor Sex, Bottom  
  Lover's Out, My Place OK     Toothbrush     Your Place ONLY  

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