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"Big Time Sensuality:" Ambrosio's Profile

The answers are mine. The questions aren't. These are the Q&As from all the on-line romance questionnaires that I've filled out. (What we do for love!)

Ambrosio's Profile
Looking for A woman for active participation.
Real life friends
Real life encounters
A serious relationship
A spouse
My current status is Casually dating (Single)
I think about Alternative Lifestyle Quite often
Role Top
Sexual Orientation Straight
Dress Casual
Demeanor Average
Social Orientation Liberal
Practice Safe Sex? Yes
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Born in Mid 60s (An Aquarius)
Height Average
Body Type Honestly? I'm overweight.
Religion Lapsed Agnostic and Secular Puritan
Education BA/BS (4 year degree)
Smoking/Drinking I'm a non-smoker/light/social drinker
Hobbies Computers
Movies (viewing)
Music (listening)
Television (watching)
Live Theater (watching and performing)
Ballroom and Social Dancing
Music Preference Ani DiFranco
Stephen Sondhiem
Philip Glass
some Industrial
'Alternative' / Top 40
some Gothic
50's or 60's rock
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Christina Aguilera
I am a Night person -- who has to wake up early. :(
At parties, are you An introvert who can pass for an extravert for a few hours at a time
The last 3 books I read were Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson Dune: The Machine Crusade
Jack Rinella The Master's Manual
George R. R. Martin Nightflyers
The last movie I saw was Return of the King
I'm an excellent lover because I listen to my partners, observe their reactions, and try new things
I'd be willing to get arrested over free expression and civil rights
Lives in Austin, TX with visits to San Antonio, TX
Speaks English, a little German

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